Kevin Anderson and Lloyd Harris to play on February 2 in Soweto

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Kevin Anderson and Lloyd Harris to play on February 2 in Soweto

Kevin Anderson and the fellow South African Lloyd Harris will compete against each other on Sunday, February 2, 2020, at the national final of BNP Paribas RCS Rising Star Tennis in Soweto. The Arthur Ashe Tennis Facility will host the exhibition clash between the leading South African players who will represent their country at the ATP Cup in January.

Based in Gulf Stream, Florida, a former world no. 5 Kevin Anderson doesn't have too much time to visit his native South Africa or to play tennis there, competing in front of the home crowd for the last time in 2011. Struggling with injuries, the Johannesburg native played only 15 matches in 2019, dropping out from the top-90 for the first time since July 2010 and working hard on a strong start of 2020 that he should kick off at the ATP Cup together with Harris against Serbia, France and Chile in Brisbane.

"As a program ambassador, I feel extremely proud to see this initiative grow and make a real impact on the development of South Africa's future tennis stars," Anderson said. "I am delighted to reveal that I will be returning to South Africa to play an exhibition match against fellow South African Lloyd Harris.

Lloyd is part of an exciting new generation of players that are making a name for themselves on the ATP tour. For me, there is no better way to support a new tennis revolution with a South African sporting showdown." "It is quite symbolic for us in that you have Kevin who is the most well-known South African tennis player of the moment playing against Harris," TSA chief executive Richard Glover said.

"I was so impressed with the fact he was so interested in junior tennis and trying to support programs that grow junior tennis. He was interested from the beginning to get involved with this, and I was delighted that he will come back and play here.

Kevin is at a stage of his career where he's got a set time to maximize his earnings and opportunities to win trophies as a professional player. But I don't think to represent South Africa in Davis Cup is necessary everything because being an ambassador for an event like this shows he is committed and interested in local tennis.

He will also be representing South Africa in the new ATP Cup which is a new national team event that takes place just before the Australian Open."