Feliciano Lopez and Sergio Cervantes launch Academy in Singapore

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Feliciano Lopez and Sergio Cervantes launch Academy in Singapore

In the future, Singapore could join the list of prominent tennis countries after getting SportEd Tennis Academy in February. Feliciano Lopez and Sergio Cervantes are in charge of the project, trying to bring the best possible coaches and facilities and offering a chance for the kids from this part of the world to work under the well-known methods of the Spanish tennis school that produced the one and only Rafael Nadal among other notable players.

Beatriz Leon and Juan Manuel Esparcia should be in charge of the Academy players besides other coaches who will bring the Spanish methodology to the distant shores, seeking new tennis stars and future champions. Lopez and Cervantes hope to get in touch with the Singapore Tennis Association as soon as possible, together with the National University of Singapore Society, where they will hold some training sessions.

"I've played many times in Asia. There are opportunities for tennis in Singapore and the general interest is there, and that's why we are thinking of Singapore to launch the academy," Lopez said. "We want to try and create a team of Spanish people moving from Spain to Singapore, with the possibility of developing the coaching here, and in the end, to transfer Spanish tennis to Singapore," Cervantes said.

"With my knowledge of working here, we identified that it's a good country to start the academy. It's an important sport, but from a professional perspective, it's still far from Spain, but it's a good country for us to start the Spanish methodology.

A relationship and collaboration with government bodies are critical in Spain. We want to contribute to Singapore and we are open to collaborating. It's not going to be a massive academy at the beginning. We're approaching it step by step. It's difficult to put some numbers. We're not thinking of numbers, but more about doing things properly."