Pablo Cuevas is Looking Forward to Playing the ATP Cup with His Brother

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Pablo Cuevas is Looking Forward to Playing the ATP Cup with His Brother

Uruguay's Pablo Cuevas says the ATP Cup is a significant competition for both himself and Uruguayan tennis. Uruguay faces off against Spain, Japan and Georgia as part of Group B in Perth in the first edition of the new tournament.

Speaking to the ATP Tour website, Cuevas says, “Since the beginning of the year, I had expectations that we would enter, although I knew there was a lot of time. I was following the [ATP Cup standings] since the middle of the year and was more interested each time.

The first cut was with the first 18 teams [the week] after the US Open, but with 24 teams [qualifying], I had an opportunity. For Uruguay, it is something spectacular. We don’t usually face countries with great tennis potential.

All the groups are complex and we are getting ready”. Cuevas found some of his best form in 2019 as he climbed from No. 90 to No. 45 in the rankings. He will be playing with his brother Martin Cuevas, Franco Roncadelli, Ariel Behar and 17-year-old Martin Fumeuax.

The captain of the team would be Felipe Maccio, who has coached Pablo Cuevas, from the ages of 10 to 17. Pablo says that playing with his brother in the competition will be a great moment for him. “Sharing a team with Pablo is the best.

It’s beautiful to have a player like him on the team. He’s helped me a lot with advice and when we play doubles together. Since I knew we had a possibility to qualify in June, we followed the standings and he fought to qualify.

All of our rivals are tough. We are preparing to arrive in the best way and to win matches”. Speaking about his time away in Uruguay from the courts, Pablo Cuevas says, "When I go, I enjoy the tranquility of the country and the rhythm of life that takes.

I really like the beaches it has and escape there whenever I can go. The best thing is family and friends because I don’t have many opportunities to see them, so we have some barbecues and mates when I go. Those things are not negotiable!”