Andrey Rublev and Jo-Wilfried Tsonga Not Happy with the ATP Cup

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Andrey Rublev and Jo-Wilfried Tsonga Not Happy with the ATP Cup

Tennis - While several players have welcomed the ATP Cup and its format, some of the ATP players are not happy with the selection criteria that has been used to select the team and the players. With the selection criteria of the top two players from each country playing in the tournament, several higher ranked players like Andrey Rublev and Jo-Wilfried Tsonga did not get an invite to the tournament while lower ranked players from Georgia and Moldova qualified.

With the tournament offering lucrative ranking points, some of the players who are competing in the ATP event in Doha feel that the playing field is not equal for all players in terms of ranking points. Andrey Rublev, who is the third highest ranked Russian at No.

23 in the rankings and is playing in Doha this week, says, "It’s not easy with the ATP Cup. I think maybe they need to change something because this is not fair. Some guys with ranking of no. 900 or no. 1000, they are playing for the points.

In half of the countries, I would be number one and in all of the countries, I would be number two. In the end, I cannot play because I am not in these main players. I don’t think I’m the only one who thinks like that, so we’ll see how it’s going to be”.

Tsonga, who at No. 30 is also the third highest ranked Frenchman on the tour, commented, “I wish I could be there to play, but today it’s like this. It’s a little bit unfair. I hope they will work on it and the ATP will find a solution”. American Reilly Opelka had earlier expressed similar views about the tournament on his Twitter account.