Fabio Fognini: I have the life I was dreaming about from the beginning

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Fabio Fognini:  I have the life I was dreaming about from the beginning

Italy's Fabio Fognini says he is playing some of his best tennis becase he is more relaxed and peaceful after getting married and having a family, in an interview to The Stuff in New Zealand where he is playing the ASB Classic.

The enigmatic Italian is ranked No. 12 in the world now and is the top seed in Auckland. The Italian had a great 2019 season on the court and off the court as well, and it showed not only in his results but also in his disposition.

"I don't know, Outside [of tennis], I'm more relaxed, more peaceful and more happy, because now we have the baby, we're married. I have the life I was dreaming about from the beginning, when everybody was young."

The Italian star is married to former US Open champion Flavia Pennetta and the couple welcomed their second child in late December. "The most important thing now is that I'm happy. I'm happy outside [the court] and of course inside.

Because these two things make me more relaxed, make me feel like, it's not fair to say, but like there's not tension. We're always getting tension of course, because we're studying our next opponent, how many points we have this week, if I play well or if I'll drop in the ranking.

But believe me. I don't care, I know that now I'm almost at the end of my career, so I would like to enjoy it the best I can, this last part of my career. Try to do my best and we'll see." Fognini is still known for his volatile temperament but says that he is like any other person, who tries to do the best they can when they go to work.

"I have to be honest. I'm like anyone when they go to work, I'm going to try the best I can and if I play bad one day, have a bad situation or don't feel good on court, I'm going to be the same, like always.

I never say I'm going to change it behind one yellow ball. I'm Fabio Fognini 110 per cent inside and outside of the court." The Italian won his first ever Masters Series event in Monte Carlo last year and says that it was the best tournament of his career.

"It was the best tournament of my career, for sure. I have really good memories and I'm emotional about it because I was born in San Remo, which is really close to there. I was practicing there when I was really young, so it was always a dream.

But now it's 2020, another season is starting. We played last week at the ATP Cup and this week I'm in Auckland and trying to prepare as best I can before the big event next week (Australian Open). Hopefully I'll win some matches here so that I have a good preparation for the Australian Open."