Robert Farah's coach: 'Robert's suspension is a devastating blow'

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Robert Farah's coach: 'Robert's suspension is a devastating blow'

The 32-year-old Robert Farah was the player to beat on the doubles courts in 2019, taking five ATP titles with the fellow Colombian Juan Sebastian Cabal and finishing as the best doubles pair in the world. After lifting crowns at Wimbledon and the US Open, Farah and Cabal were among the favorites at the Australian Open as well, entering the event as the top seeds before a massive turnaround that occurred a couple of days ago.

Robert Farah withdrew from the first Major of the season due to personal reasons that turned into something much worse just a couple of hours later. The Colombian announced on social media that he was tested positive for a banned anabolic steroid and banned by the ITF!

After eating meat in his home country, Robert Farah tested positive for Boldenone during the regular check on October 17, despite negative results in Shanghai just a couple of weeks before. In 2018, the Colombian Olympic Committee released a statement about Boldenone, warning it may affect athletes' test results.

After acting correctly and under the rules for the entire life, Farah is confident about the positive outcome, hoping to return to the court as soon as positive. In the meanwhile, Juan Sebastian Cabal will seek the third straight Major crown with the young Spaniard Jaume Munar.

"We are focusing on the things we can control," Farah's and Cabal's coach Jeff Coetzee said. "It was a difficult undertaking at this late juncture. But, we have finally settled on top Spanish prospect, Jaume Munar, who is undoubtedly a star of the future.

That apart, we are waiting to see how the suspension issue develops in the next week or so - taking into account that Robert's suspension is currently provisional and a case is being implemented to fight the suspension.

I am only affected indirectly. Farah's suspension is a devastating blow, nevertheless, and one can only feel for the boy."