Alexander Zverev: 'I will stick to my father as long as he can coach me'


Alexander Zverev: 'I will stick to my father as long as he can coach me'
Alexander Zverev: 'I will stick to my father as long as he can coach me'

Alexander Zverev made the first tennis steps alongside his older brother Mischa and under the guidance of their father, Alexander Sr., a former player from the Soviet Union. While his coevals were entering the junior events, Alexander already had the opportunity to play some pro doubles events with his brother and get invitations for the qualifying draws at Challengers and the ATP 250 events, gathering experience that he turned into pure gold in the last couple of season, becoming one of the best players in the world and the leader of younger generation.

Alongside his father who was always there to take care of his career, Alexander worked with a former world no. 1 Ivan Lendl between the summer of 2018 and July 2019, winning the ATP Finals in 2018 together but deciding to part ways after Wimbledon last year.

Working with his father alone again, Zverev couldn't find his best tennis in the second part of the season (just like in the first), qualifying for the ATP Finals for the third straight year but playing way below his level from 2017 and 2018.

The young German hit the rock-bottom at the beginning of the new season at the ATP Cup, losing three matches and yelling at his father at one point during the encounter so hard that Alexander Sr. started crying in front of the cameras.

Having to change things drastically ahead of Melbourne, Zverev hit the practice court with his dad and they have done their magic, with the young German reaching the first Major semi-final following a win over Stan Wawrinka in four sets.

Speaking after the win, Alexander reminded his father made him the player he is today, ready to stay with him as long as Alexander Sr. wants to travel with him. Also, if his father gets tired (he had health issues in 2019), Alexander is more than ready to find him help in the coaching staff, but until then, they will work together as they did since the beginning, chasing big dreams and notable titles in the future.

"After that slow start, I was ready to meet the journalists at the press conference, to be honest. Then I managed to turn it around; my energy picked up a little bit. Stan's balls were very quick and I needed a set to get used to it; it all turned out well in the end.

My father is like a normal coach who doesn't like his player too much. There are opinions I have to change my coach but every time we work alone, we prove we can win big tournaments; my father made me the player I am today.

For me, there is no need for changing coach; we will get some help if he gets tired but my dead should be in my team for a very long time."

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