Corentin Moutet: I No Longer Use Twitter. Here is why...

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Corentin Moutet: I No Longer Use Twitter. Here is why...

20 year old rising French tennis player Corentin Moutet says that he is not using the Twitter social media platform anymore as he finds that there is too much negativity on the platform. According to Yahoo Sports, the World No.

77 says, "I'm not complaining, I'm just realizing that people are not kind to each other. Whether it be towards tennis players, artists, politicians ... There is a lot of nastiness, insults, criticisms, very harsh words that you never hear in real life.

It is therefore of no interest to me and I prefer to withdraw from this network. I'm running away from this negative stuff where people get jealous all the time. Words have value. We cannot say anything and everything. You can't insult the whole world.

Why do they insult my family? Why do they want me to hurt myself? The punters bet on me, but I never promised them that I would win. They are the ones who bet on a game. Me, when I lose a match, I do not insult the referee or the opponent ...

I went to this network to share my daily life - even if it does not interest many people - and especially to discover other things: talented, inspiring people. I'm curious by nature so I thought it was an interesting tool.

But it doesn't work like that. We receive threats every week. After two or three years, I realize that I find almost nothing positive there. There are a lot of irrelevant chat and everyone gives their opinion on everything, without being qualified or without knowing the subject.

It's like after my victory against Pella in Cordoba (who accused him of being arrogant), everyone said that I was a little idiot when they saw only one point in the match, so I'm leaving this network because there is too much free nastiness.

In Rio, (15 minutes after his defeat Monday against Federico Coria in Rio de Janeiro), I have already received more than 100 hate messages on Instagram. I delete them, I block them. But on Twitter, it's more complicated. But it is especially sad for them, in fact.

If they take the time to go to my profile to insult me ​​it is that they have nothing to do with their lives." Moutet was playing in the Rio Open this week and lost in the first round of the tournament to Federico Coria in three sets.