Season at risk: between hopes, fears and Roger Federer's comeback

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Season at risk: between hopes, fears and Roger Federer's comeback

2020 tennis season is at risk: amid hopes, fears and Roger Federer's come back, the Covid-19 pandemic is multiplying itself, especially in Italy, Spain, France, Germany, UK and USA. US President Donald Trump and the governors of many American states declared the lockdown, like in New York, Washington and California.

In the USA, Coronavirus positive cases exceeded 32,000, with at least 400 deaths. In Europe, the situation is growing dramatically in Spain, France and the UK, with hospitals, especially in the United Kingdom, which came to the limit.

Italy is the country that is paying a higher toll of contagions and deaths: in total, in the world, there are about 340,000 infected and 15,000 deaths. Sport is locked like many other work sectors. The Tokyo Olympics risk the postponement and the tennis season, already compromised with the cancellation and postponement of tournaments from Indian Wells to Roland Garros, is very much at risk.

A watershed will come from the grass-season from mid-June, during which Roger Federer should come back on the court. Yet the signs coming from the UK are daunting in recent weeks, with the healthcare system already close to saturation.

The cancellation of Wimbledon is not such a remote factor On the contrary, especially after the dramatic days of the last weekend, devastating for all of Europe. In Italy, the country most affected, there is a very slight stabilization of infections and deaths, although the peak was not yet reached, a symptom that the extraordinary lockdown measures taken by the Italian government are working. This could be a sign of hope, but which cannot lower the guard both in the Bel Paese (Italian for a beautiful country) and in all the other countries where the emergency is growing, because it started at least a month later than Italy.

In general, the season is already compromised, but there is still hope that the remaining tournaments can run smoothly. Tennis World USA will follow the evolution of the situation to update you of all the developments regarding the Covid-19 pandemic and its correlation with the tennis season.