Dirk Hordorff: 'Wimbledon will be canceled on Wednesday, no other solution'

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Dirk Hordorff: 'Wimbledon will be canceled on Wednesday, no other solution'

The coronavirus pandemic has taken more than 34,000 lives around the world so far, putting the entire planet on hold and canceling all the sporting events. After Dubai, Acapulco and Santiago, we had the Davis Cup weekend at the beginning of March and those were the last official matches on the ATP Tour probably for a long time, with the organizers having to cancel Indian Wells and Miami and sending the players to their homes.

Soon after that, the ATP announced the break that would last at least until the second week of June, taking away the entire spring clay swing and hoping to get some action during grass tournaments. Nonetheless, the current situation in Western Europe and the rest of the world gives little hope about the restart of the tennis season anytime soon, with Roland Garros hoping to schedule their Major in September and Wimbledon that has been on hold.

The vice-president of the German Tennis Federation Dirk Hordorff gave an interview to Sky Sport, having no doubts that the event at the All England Club will be canceled on Wednesday, calling it the right decision as there is no other option at the moment.

Standing as the oldest Major that kicked off in 1877, Wimbledon had not been held only ten times during the war years between 1914-18 and 1940-45, starting all over in 1946 and serving as the festival of tennis throughout the Open era.

"Wimbledon has stated that they will have a board meeting on Wednesday and will make the final decision there. I am also involved in the bodies of the ATP and WTA. The necessary arrangements have already been made and Wimbledon should be canceled on Wednesday; there is no doubt about that.

This is necessary for the current situation. It is entirely unrealistic to imagine that, with the travel restrictions that we currently have, an international tennis tournament with hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world would be held. This is unthinkable."