Madrid Open CEO: "The tournament can be held in September"

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Madrid Open CEO: "The tournament can be held in September"

Gérard Tsobanian, president and organizer (together with Ion Tiriac) of the Mutua Madrid Open, spoke about the situation facing world tennis in full crisis from Covid-19 in an interview with L’Equipe. After the suspension of all ATP and WTA events until July and the cancellation of Wimbledon - the Roland Garros, by univocal decision, should take place from 20 September - and the postponement of the Olympics to summer 2021, some Masters 1000 (Miami, Rome and Madrid) are still evaluating the possibility of relocating in the second part of the season ...

pandemic permitting. In an interview with L’Équipe, Gerard Tsobanian said that he believes the Mutua Madrid Open can be held in September. The tournament will take place right after the US Open and right before the French Open.

”It should not be a problem. I believe they would accept it given the urgency and complexity of what remains to be played”. He continued by saying, “Not everyone reaches the final of the US Open, many lose in the first week or at the beginning of the second, which gives them time to prepare to play in Madrid on clay.

Only the finalists of the US Open, in fact, will feel the change”. Tennis fans will definitely be relieved to hear the possibility of the Mutua Madrid Open being played. However, they should not get their hopes up. On the cancellation of Wimbledon, he added: “Wimbledon is the temple of tennis, untouchable, solid as a rock that cannot be damaged.

If such a sacrosanct tournament is canceled, it means that we are all in danger. We are all vulnerable, we have just seen it, even the Olympics have not resisted."