Pablo Cuevas: 'Roland Garros made rushed decision without asking ATP'

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Pablo Cuevas: 'Roland Garros made rushed decision without asking ATP'

As was expected, that hurried and careless decision from Roland Garros organizers to stage the clay Major just seven days after the US Open will hardly go through, receiving many disappointing reactions from coaches and players.

Due to a coronavirus, Roland Garros couldn't be held in regular schedule at the end of May, picking the new date without asking anyone and getting the players into tough positions of competing at two Majors on different surfaces in five weeks!

The virus pandemic has halted all the action since the beginning of March, forcing players to sit in their homes and wait for some positive news about the restart of the season that might not come at all in the rest of 2020.

While backing the choice to cancel Wimbledon, Pablo Cuevas can't understand what led the organizers of Roland Garros to reschedule the event without asking any other government body, all that at times when we need sympathy and solidarity more than ever.

"I think the Roland Garros decision was a bit rushed, perhaps without asking the ATP from what I know," Cuevas said. "Also, it seems they didn't take into account the rest of the tournaments, the rest of the calendar, it was something weird.

In this moment of solidarity, where we must have sympathy, it was something pretty selfish to go forward and set the dates without having any concern for the players and the rest of the calendar. All the players were a bit surprised.

About the cancellation of Wimbledon, I think it was something pretty obvious. This coronavirus is being more serious that what it seemed at the beginning; it's taking a lot to control it, so I think it was the right decision made by the people at Wimbledon.

We don't know yet when we'll be able to compete again. It's one of the earliest sports to cancel everything and I think it will be one of the latest to get back because of all the nationalities involved. Every country must free every airport and flight, so they have to control the pandemic, so that will make us get back after other sports. I don't know when we'll be able to start."