ATP & WTA Tournament Director believes he contracted virus in March

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ATP & WTA Tournament Director believes he contracted virus in March

ATP & WTA Tournament Director Luiz Carvalho, 38, suspects he contracted the coronavirus in March as he was having all the symptoms but he couldn't confirm his fears since he wasn't tested. Carvalho, who is the tournament director for the ATP events in Rio de Janeiro and Chengdu, as well for the WTA event in Shenzhen, isolated himself at home and fortunately the worst case scenario was avoided.

"It was so bad,” Carvalho told Ravi Ubha, as revealed on “I was sick for 10 days. The symptoms changed so fast. I had a fever for six or seven days, body aches, sore throat, lost the sense of smell, an ear ache.

Every day was a new thing. I had some breathing issues so I went to the hospital. I'm over it now." The Tours have been suspended since mid-March due to the coronavirus pandemic and there won't be any tennis events taking place until at least July 13.

But two of Carvalho's three events -- ATP Rio de Janeiro and WTA Shenzhen -- already took place this year. Next up on Carvalho's list is the Chengdu Open, which is scheduled to take place from September 28 - October 4.

The French Open was rescheduled for September 20 - October 4 but Carvalho says the plans to Chengdu are still ongoing. "The ATP and WTA in their own ways are working on different types of schedules,” Carvalho said. “We have weekly calls to discuss it. Basically we are going to see what the options are."