Guido Pella may not continue his pro career once tennis returns

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Guido Pella may not continue his pro career once tennis returns

Argentine tennis star Guido Pella has said that there is now guarantee that he will continue his professional career once tennis returns. Pella, ranked at No. 35 in the world, announced in late-February that he was diagnosed with Morton's neuroma and that he would be out indefinitely.

Three weeks later, the ATP suspended the Tour initially for six weeks but since then the suspension was extended through July 31. "I don't know if this pandemic isn't the end of my career. At the moment everything is uncertain," Pella said.

Pella, who turned 30 last month, enjoyed the best season of his career in 2019, when he claimed his maiden ATP title in Sao Paulo and also achieved a career-high ranking of No.

20 in the world. It was unfortunate that Pella was struck with such a health issue while playing some of the best tennis of his career.

Guido Pella came to the defense of Dominic Thiem

Recently, Pella was one of the rare players that came out and defended world No.

3 Thiem from criticism. Earlier during the coronavirus pandemic, world No. 1 Novak Djokovic suggested that each top-100 player donates from $5,000-30,000 on a sliding scale to support the player relief fund. Thiem, a back-to-back French Open, publicly opposed the proposal as he said: "None of the lower-ranked players have to fight for their lives.

I've seen players on the ITF-Tour who don't commit to the sport 100%. Many of them are quite unprofessional. I don't see, why I should give them money. "I'd rather donate to people and institutions, who really need it.

There is no profession in the world, where you are guaranteed success and high income at the start of your career. None of the top players took anything for granted. We all had to fight our way up the rankings." Thiem received lots of criticism for his comments -- mostly from the lower-ranked players -- but not from Pella as the Argentine said: "No tennis player is starving.

There are people who are and I prefer to help those." It remains to be seen if Pella will be able to continue his professional career once tennis returns.