British No. 1 calls Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic to play the US Open

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British No. 1 calls Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic to play the US Open

The US Open organizers are doing their best to host the world's leading singles players in New York in September, hoping to stage the second Major of the season according to the plan. Still, the coronavirus pandemic would cause massive changes if the event continues, reducing the number of people in the players' staff to only one.

That brings us to a problem of the top-ranked players who have a lot of people around them during the Major weeks, with Novak Djokovic expressing his doubts about playing such a demanding event without his physio or a trainer.

At the moment, world no. 2 and the defending champion Rafael Nadal isn't considering competing in New York as well, leaving the door open for many debates in the upcoming weeks.

The British no. 1 Daniel Evans has urged both Djokovic and Nadal to change their mind and show up in New York at the end of August.

Speaking for BBC Radio Five, Evans mentioned all the organizers' efforts to host such a massive event and bring bot the top-ranked and lower-ranked players to the courts for the first time since the end of February.

"If the US Open didn't go ahead, that would be another Grand Slam they are missing after Wimbledon," Evans said to BBC Radio Five Live. "This is a point where the players should come together, and Novak and Rafa should be looking to help those lower-ranked players, so they get a suitable payday.

It is not all about money; there is health involved here, but if it is safe enough, having just a coach is not good enough reason not to be going to a tournament, in my opinion. Some people have just got into the top-100 and haven't earned for two or three months now.

It is great what the ATP did with the relief fund, but there is nothing better than the prize money of the Grand Slams for the players to be receiving. I don't think to have only one person in your team allowed is such a big deal.

The majority of the draw would travel with one coach; not everyone is going with a fitness coach and trainer like Novak said. His argument is not valid for the rest of the draw, apart from the real top guys. There has to be a bit of giving and take from the players; there are rumors that the US Open needs this to go ahead, and I think as tennis players, we should give something back and get out there and play.

There are also physical trainers at the tournament, so it is not like they will not be able to get treatment, but it would be from the ATP Tour physios. They are going to keep us in a bubble, staying at the airport hotels, with a lot of testing, and we should be as safe as humanly possible.

The difficulty would be having to pull out due to testing positive to the virus, and then it is very unfortunate. Hopefully, it doesn't come to that, and the tournament goes ahead successfully." Also, Evans indicated the importance of Major events for those who are not earning as much money as the leading tennis stars, asking Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal to change their mind and lead the field in New York in less than three months if the coronavirus allows the action.