Andrea Gaudenzi: The US Open would not stop if an athletes tests positive

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Andrea Gaudenzi: The US Open would not stop if an athletes tests positive

ATP Chairman Andrea Gaudenzi says that once the tennis circuit resumes in August, a tournament will not be suspended if a player tests positive for COVID-19 in the middle of the event.

ATP Chairman Andrea Gaudenzi on what happens if a tennis player tests positive during an event

Several players had asked about what would happen in case a player tests positive during the middle of a tournament when the tennis circuit resumes in August.

Now, ATP Chairman has confirmed that the event would go ahead during an interview with Sky Sports Italia. "Let's look at what golf is doing, for us it is an example and we are monitoring other sports, such as the NBA, which have our problems.

The ATP has created a 70-page protocol for the safety of the players, in addition, however, tennis has the problem of internationality, with restrictions and quarantines that complicate everything. If the tennis players were to have a quarantine in and out of the United States, the calendar would immediately freeze."

Gaudenzi says that they are still working out the details of the resumption and more should be clear by the end of the month. "I'm sorry, we have no guarantees from governments and it all depends on the Covid-19 situation.

We live week by week, and we avoid hasty decisions even for the rest of the season. From China in the next two-three days we will have more clarity, for the indoor season it will be simpler because it is mainly centered on Europe.

The only certainty is that the US Open, and Roland Garros would not stop if positive athletes were to be found. Once we have chosen to move forward, there would be no alternative. We would have daily tests and whoever tested positive would be isolated, but having reached the quarterfinals of a Slam it would be unthinkable to suspend the tournament."

. The ATP circuit is scheduled to return in early August in the United States with events in Washington, followed by the Cincinnati Masters in New York and the US Open in New York as well; and then the clay court season in Europe, including the French Open in September.

Several players, outside of the United States, have expressed concerns about travelling to the United States to play the US Open due to concerns about what happens if a player is infected there and also about quarantine rules when they head back to Europe for the clay court season or their home base.