Kei Nishikori remains in complete isolation after second test returns as positive

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Kei Nishikori remains in complete isolation after second test returns as positive

2014 US Open runner-up Kei Nishikori still hasn't recovered from the coronavirus but he is feeling well as he is "showing minimal symptoms." On Sunday, the Japanese tennis star announced he tested positive for the coronavirus and that he would miss the Cincinnati Masters.

The US Open starts on August 31 and Nishikori is hoping to his next test will return as negative. "Just a little update, I just took another COVID test and I am still positive. I have very minimal symptoms and I'm staying in full isolation.

Next test will be early next week at which time we will update you with more information. Thanks for all the messages and have a good weekend," Nishikori shared via his official website keisapp.

Nishikori was planning to travel to New York on August 17

"Hi everyone, I have some unfortunate news today," Nishikori announced last Sunday.

"This morning while still in Florida, I got tested for Covid19 and tested positive. I will have to pull out of the Cincinnati tournament at this time. Me and my team will get tested again on Friday at which point I will have another update."

"I am feeling well and have very little symptoms but will obviously be in complete isolation for the safety of everyone." "We were planning to fly to New York tomorrow (Monday, 17th August) but will obviously now stay in Florida.

Next update will be on Friday." Recently, world No. 31 Nishikori claimed he's still determined to work hard. "Definitely. Strong youngsters are coming these says, that also motivates me to try hard," Nishikori said on TBS S1, when asked if he's still eager to get stronger.

Nishikori hasn't played since last year's US Open as he underwent a season-ending elbow surgery in October. "Last year, I put up with pain and kept playing, but the pain was getting worse as I played more matches.

I couldn't focus on playing, the pain more occupied my thoughts than what happened on the previous point," Nishikori revealed. The Japanese admitted he felt anxious after returning to the practice court. "When I picked up a racquet for the first time after my surgery, I felt really scared.

I'm forgetful, so I was like, 'how did I hold a racquet?' "I'm really looking forward to playing matches. I want to enjoy staying there on court rather than expect myself to be perfect, and play with joy."