This is why Reilly Opelka is upset with the ATP Tour management...

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This is why Reilly Opelka is upset with the ATP Tour management...

American tennis player Reilly Opelka has said that he thinks the ATP Tour Board should have been in New York for the resumption of the tennis circuit. The tennis tour was shutdown in March due to the global pandemic and the Western & Southern Open in New York is the first event on the men's tour since then.

Reilly Opelka says ATP executives should have been in New York this week

Speaking in his press conference after his round of 16 win this week, Opelka spoke about the absence of the ATP Tour executives in New York. “I care a lot.

Just a few words: I don't want to put the Tour in a bad light, but I think Gilles (Simon) hit a good spot on Twitter - even if he didn't stay online for very long - but I think our board should be here. We have been away from the Tour for a long time and I think they should have been there at the restart.

If they don't cut their salary and are stubborn on this issue, the least you can do is be there when we return. It's just a simple starting point ”.

This is not the first time that Opelka has hit out at the ATP Tour management. During an interview with Racquet magazine earlier this year, Opelka said that the ATP Tour did not handle the tour shutdown in March very well.

"I think they couldn’t have handled it much worse. We’re completely left in the dark, we don’t know what’s going on. And the execs haven’t taken pay cuts. You know, the WTA execs are taking pay cuts, the WTA have gotten first-round prize money at Indian Wells.

I rented a really expensive house for two weeks there. Way in the red there. I don’t think it’s a good look when the ATP execs are gonna be making more money than Roger Federer’s prize money this year. And again, I don’t know what the reasoning is.

We’ve been left in the dark completely as players so we don’t even know what they’re really doing right now." He also criticised the tour for the ATP Cup format, saying that he could not play the tournament due to its format while several other players ranked lower than him had the chance to play.

Meanwhile, in his latest match, Reilly Opelka was forced to retire from his quarter-final match against Stefanos Tsitsipas at the Western & Southern Open due to a right knee injury.