US Open alert: Benoit Paire tests positive one day before the Grand Slam

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US Open alert: Benoit Paire tests positive one day before the Grand Slam

Benoit Paire is hit by bad luck. According to L’Equipe, French world number 22 tested positive for coronavirus on Sunday and, therefore, he won’t be able to compete in the US Open. All this while the Grand Slam is set to begin on Monday.

According to the French press, Paire is currently under isolation in his hotel. His scheduled first-round opponent, Kamil Majchrzak, will have to face another player to build his way into the second round of the Grand Slam.

Benoit Paire accused stomach aches a week ago

Despite the fact that Paire traveled to New York and had numerous checks done until the day he was found positive, the French signaled some symptoms a week ago when he participated in Cincinnati.

At that time, Benoit Paire met Borna Coric and lost the first set 6-0 before retiring, accusing stomach aches. The two players stayed on the court for just 35 minutes before the Frenchman retired, propelling the Croat into the second round.

It’s known that besides the most common symptoms of COVID-19, fever, dry cough, and tiredness, there are less known conditions like aches, pains, and diarrhea, that may reveal the presence of the coronavirus in a human’s system.

Paire failed to avoid what he was scared of

Benoit Paire knew the risks he was going to take when he decided to head for Flushing Meadows. At the start of July, the tall Frenchman wasn't having US Open in his plans because he thought the trip was too troublesome and dangerous.

"Today I say no. When I see the current conditions on site, what we will have to do to participate, I prefer to wait for tournaments in Europe like Madrid and Rome quietly. A month ago I would have said 'it's better, the bars are reopening, the restaurants are reopening', but this is a bit of a disaster.

Now there are risks in going there. Even if we go there, there are risks because there are many cases on the spot," Paire told RMC Sport. "To go there is to take the risk of being contaminated. Even if I am the first, I want to play tennis, to travel, because it is our daily life.

If it is to go there with risks and observe a quarantine on the return, it seems complicated because if we play the US Open, we have to sacrifice Madrid and Rome. You have to find flights to get there and to get in too. Even if there is the financial constraint with the interruption of the season and the need to play, at one point I prefer not to play and stay alive and in good health."

At last year’s US Open edition, Benoit Paire had a poor run, getting only as far as the second round after he had defeated Canadian Brayden Schnur in straight sets.