All the US Open sanctions for Novak Djokovic after the default!

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All the US Open sanctions for Novak Djokovic after the default!

Novak Djokovic has been disqualified from the US Open, but this is not the only punishment that the American tournament has inflicted on the numer one of the ATP ranking. The expert tennis player has lost the control of the game and his annoyance gesture will cost him dearly, a situation that he will surely not easily forget and that he will remember for the rest of his career.

Disqualification in a Grand Slam tournament is something that marks you and that is remembered, let alone if we are talking about the number one tennis player in the world and ruler of this "absurd" 2020. Before the stop Novak Djokovic was in great shape and, on his come back to competitions, he was not almost nothing has changed with the dominant Serbian champion we admired at the Western and Southern Open 2020 and in the first week of the US Open.

This accident changes all the predictions and leads the Austrian Dominic Thiem (and finalist of three Slam tournaments on clay-courts and hard-courts) to be the main favorite to win the US Open. The Serb, obviously removing the months off due to the health emergency, was undefeated and had already won tournaments such as the ATP Cup, the Western and Southern Open (the most recent one) and above all the Australian Open, the first Grand Slam of the year.

Now, engaged here in America, Novak Djokovic aimed to shorten from Roger Federer's Slam record, stopped at 20 and unable to play due to injury, but will instead remain stationary at 17, also behind the 19 Slams of the current number 2 at world Rafael Nadal.

For him now there will be a hard return to clay where he will try to pursue this record at Roland Garros, but will have to face Rafael Nadal.

All sanctions applied to Novak Djokovic

Not only disqualification for Novak Djokovic, for whom, the organization of the US Open has released a brief statement explaining his situation and forwarding all the penalties.

Here is the message: "In accordance with the rules of the Grand Slams, given his unintentional action of hitting the ball dangerously towards a touch judge, Novak Djokovic is disqualified from the US Open. In addition to this the Serbian will lose the ATP points earned in this tournament and will be deprived of the entire prize pool of the tournament."

Her Novak Djokovic's words about the accident: "This whole situation has left me sad and empty. I checked the line judge's conditions and from the tournament they told me that thank God he is fine. I am really very sorry for causing you this stress.

It was unwanted. Something wrong. I will not disclose your name to respect your privacy. As for the disqualification, I have to look inside myself and work on my disappointment and convert all of this into a lesson for my growth and evolution as a player and as a human being.

I apologize to the US Open and everyone involved in the event for my behavior. I am very grateful to my team and my family for being my support anchor, and to my fans for always being by my side. Thanks and I'm sorry."