Roger Federer and Nadal's best shots according to Boris Becker

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Roger Federer and Nadal's best shots according to Boris Becker

Rafael Nadal played a perfect final at the Roland Garros and clearly beat Novak Djokovic in three sets. The Spanish champion has won for the thirteenth time in his career on Parisian clay and joined Roger Federer with 20 Grand Slam successes.

The rivalry between the two tennis legends continues to excite all fans of this wonderful sport and now that the fight for the Grand Slam primacy has become even more intense, it will be fun.

Boris Becker analyzes the best shots of Federer and Nadal

On the pages of the newspaper The Daily Mail, Boris Becker tried to analyze the best shots of Federer and Nadal.

Forehand Roger 9: This shot is very reminiscent of the eighties, it's a flatter shot than Rafa's, who doesn't consider the extreme western grip. Devastating from anywhere on the pitch, but not quite his best shot.

Rafa 10: a single shot enough to make him bang his head against the spinning racket. But it is this very movement that gives him so much power and spin, bouncing the ball so high in a way that frustrates the opponent's backhand attack.

Backhand Roger 8: Again a classic old school shot, which served Roger a lot and is particularly effective on faster surfaces. His backhand slice, which generates a deceptive amount of spins on the ball, is better than that of his rival.

Rafa 8: An aspect that ten years ago was a weakness of yours, in terms of variety, but which has improved considerably. Rafa benefits from being ambidextrous. This shot was the key to victory in Sunday's final in Paris. Volée Roger 10: His hand-eye coordination is excellent.

He hits the ball so early, he can do more or less what he wants with this shot. Roger has always been on the net often, since the beginning of his career: he is extremely at ease there. Rafa 9: Pure Rafa has a fantastic eye. This shot is sometimes underestimated.

The bottom line is his natural territory, but most players would like to have his touch near the net too. Service Roger 9: Incredibly accurate in terms of positioning. A hard shot for opponents to read. It also has an excellent second serve.

It has smooth mechanics and serves effortlessly. Rafa 8: This is another shot where Rafa has improved over the past decade, as it was one of his weaknesses in the beginning. He adapted his technique to make it more powerful and effective.

Mobility Roger 9: He's clearly not at the level he was ten years ago, but he's still incredibly good for his age. Roger has always moved like a dancer, using small but quick steps to reach the correct position. Rafa 10: For someone of his size, he has incredible mobility. As we saw on Sunday, the way he moves to recover so many balls from seemingly impossible situations is incredible.