Rafael Nadal can MATCH a Roger Federer's record!

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Rafael Nadal can MATCH a Roger Federer's record!

The history of sport thrives on companies and many of them can only be understood through statistics. Roger Federer's legend is impossible to describe with data alone, but some deserve consideration, especially when one can understand that his dominance, in terms of records, is increasingly at risk.

It is obvious to note that the change in the ATP ranking scoring system due to the global coronavirus pandemic has allowed Roger to remain among the top spots despite not having played since March. But it is not certain that the champion from Basel will be able to finish the season among the top five.

Much will depend on what his closest rivals do in the last two tournaments of the season: the Rolex Masters 2020 in Paris and the Nitto ATP Finals. Among the closest rivals is the Russian Daniil Medvedev, with 5,980 points: last season in Paris he earned only 45 points, so this year he could add 955 points if he wins.

Federer's record of the seasons in the top 5

He also has much room for improvement in London, where he was defeated in his three fights. The Greek Stefanos Tsitsipas, with 5.925 points. from which 1,300 points won in the 2019 Finals must be subtracted, he is the one who has the least margin to score points in this season finale.

He defends the quarterfinals in Paris and the victory in the Finals and is the one who has the least margin of error if you want to finish in the top five. German Alexander Zverev, with 5015 points, after taking away the 400 won at the Nitto ATP Finals, sees a possible source of points in Paris, considering last year's round of 16, so he could add up to 910.

It wouldn't be enough to overtake Roger, but in London he will have 400 points to defend, so he could move up if he showed his best level in a tournament where he already knows what it means to be champion. Looking at the historical statistics, it is striking to see how, in the event that Roger Federer loses two positions in the current ranking, he would lose his leadership in the ranking of the seasons ended in the top 5, and would be joined by Rafael Nadal.

The Swiss stayed in Top-5 in 15 differetns years, while the Mallorcan in 14, but the latter will add another one at the end of 2020. This is the historical ranking of the seasons concluded among the 5 best in the world: Roger Federer: 15
Rafael Nadal: 14 (will be 15 at the end of 2020)
Jimmy Connors: 14
Novak Djokovic: 12 (will be 13 at the end of 2020)
Ivan Lendl: 11
Pete Sampras: 10