ATP Finals: Novak Djokovic's highlights

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ATP Finals: Novak Djokovic's highlights

During the now famous chat with Pete Sampras organized by Tim Henman, Novak Djokovic touched on many topics, rattling off anecdotes and curiosities related to his past on and off the pitch. Given the imminence of the ATP Finals, which will be hosted for the last time by the city of London before moving to Turin, Nole discussed with the illustrious participants telling them her best memories related to the competition that traditionally closes the season.

The words of the Serbian champion towards this extraordinary seasonal event are imbued with respect and admiration. He in fact said: "The ATP finals are the biggest tennis tournament on the circuit, the biggest challenge because only the best eight players in the world participate and therefore the level is always surprising," commented the 5-time winner of the Master.

Furthermore, despite the fact that every year this exclusive tournament always represents a source of pride for the Serbian, Nole wanted to underline that not all the victories obtained in the Finals have the same flavor.

In fact, there were some that left a particularly satisfying feeling in the memory of the 17-time slam champion.

Not all successes are the same for Nole

According to the world number one, the two events that most entered his heart were that of 2008, the last occasion in which the tournament was played in Shanghai, and that of 2012, when Nole won for the first time.

the Finals on English soil. The reasons why the Serbian decided to choose these two vintages as his favorite ones in his long history at the ATP Finals are different and at the same time interesting. The choice of 2008 is actually very simple, in fact it coincides with Nole's first victory, won in two sets against the Russian Davidenko, while that of 2012 is dictated by a motivation that goes beyond mere statistics: the Serb has in fact specified how the reason for this choice actually lies in the way in which the final ended and that is with what Nole believes to have been one of the best match points of his career.

For those who do not remember, Djokovic took the last point of the 2012 final by putting Roger Federer in with a long line backhand passer-by after an intense exchange during which the Swiss player had forced the future master champion to the defensive.

Here are Nole's words regarding the two finals to which reference was made: “I was lucky enough to be often one of the participants. I remember my first success in 2008 in Shanghai well and I think it was really special.

It was almost the starting point of my career. This trophy made me start believing that I could be part of the history of my sport. This later materialized with the victory over Roger Federer in two tight sets in 2012, where I still remember my backhand which allowed me to win."

Djokovic, certain to finish the year at the top of the standings, will undoubtedly come to London filled with determination. The victory in the Finals has been missing since 2015, all the more reason to believe that the Serbian will draw all his strength to break this negative streak.