"I’m Happy That I’ve Won"- John Millman Content After His Victory At Sofia

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"I’m Happy That I’ve Won"- John Millman Content After His Victory At Sofia

John Millman stormed into the quarterfinals of the Sofia Open 2020 after defeating Gilles Simon in a three-set match. The Aussie faced some real challenge against former world number six. However, he kept his nerve to demolish the Frenchman’s aggression to stay in the tournament.

Millman had a great match but certainly, he is exhausted after the rigorous match. He'd be looking forward to having a good rest before he steps in to fight for a semifinal ticket. “I’m tired. Look I’ve played Gilles before in Sydney and he’s so physical and he’s so hard to win against and you know you’re going to be in a bit of a war when you play him”, Millman stated.

“So I’m happy that I’ve won. I’m happy that I can stay here a little bit longer, but the biggest thing is that I’m pretty tired right now and I’m just trying to recover”. Millman took the opening set to his name.

Although Gilles dominated the second set to draw level with Millman. However, a composed game from Millman completely cornered Gilles and the Aussie pocketed the match in no time. “Yeah look Gilles uses his pace so well you have to be really patient.

He can sometimes allow you in to try to overplay and for me, I didn’t wanna do that. He feeds on people overplaying and he’s so good close in the court up so it was definitely a game plan of mine to be patient and work hard and to fight for each point and I managed to do that.

He’s one of the better indoor court tennis players for the last ten years. So that’s a really nice win for me to have”.

John Millman aware of Vasek Pospisil's abilities

Millman is one step closer to the championship title.

However, before his ship sails for the final stop, he has to face a few more competitors. He’ll be facing Vasek Pospisil in the quarterfinals and acknowledged it would be a tough fight for the semifinal berth. “Probably not today, probably a couple of guys bet for Gilles I reckon, There were a few people who cheered for me which was nice.

I’ll definitely need that energy tomorrow. It’s gonna be an extremely tough match against Vasek another good player of the indoor sector. He got me last year in a similar surface under similar conditions. So I’m gonna definitely need that energy tomorrow. I’ll try to bring it from within but also from the people watching some tennis”.