"I'm Feeling Okay": Adrian Mannarino Reveals After His Quarterfinal Tie In Sofia

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"I'm Feeling Okay": Adrian Mannarino Reveals After His Quarterfinal Tie In Sofia

Adrian Mannarino went past Radu Albot in a three-set match to book himself a semi-final ticket in the Sofia Open 2020. The scoreline read 6-2, 1-6, 6-3 in favor of the Frenchman. After the convincing win, Adrian was not shy to bring up the issue of fatigue as the season is drawing to an end.

However, he stated that he’s in decent form and ready to go out there and face his opponent in the semis. “Well, I’m feeling okay. It’s been a long year so even if we didn’t have so many tournaments to play, all the players are practicing a lot to stay in shape so you know we’re in the mid-November now I think all the players are feeling exhausted but I’m still motivated so I’m happy with the result”.

Adrian Mannarino has been attending the Sofia Open from its inception. Needless to state he shares a pretty good relationship with the venue and therefore grabs every opportunity to be in Sofia every year. “Well, I think the first time I came here to play, I lost in the quarterfinals and I felt the conditions were good for me and the organization of the tournament was good too.

So every time I thought that it was a good occasion and I was happy to come back here. I didn’t even realize I never missed any edition. Obviously, I like spending my time here in Sofia”.

Adrian Mannarino on his injuries and the season ahead

This year had been a mixed one for Adrian.

Even though he faltered in the initial phase of the year, he pulled his socks up to come through to some decent results of late. There’s nothing more influential than self-realization and Adrian himself admits to being better than he was in the last year.

“Well, I think my game improved a lot since last year. I started the year with not so many good results but I was always losing to really good players. I was losing very close but I felt my tennis was good and unfortunately we hit the lockdown and the pandemic stuff.

So we’ve been out of the tournament for a while then when we started to play again I was playing a decent level of tennis. I got injured while I came back to play on the clay. So for 5-6 weeks, I could not play tennis and I’m still struggling with these injuries”.

The French professional will be up against Jannik Sinner in the semifinals and is hopeful of some good tennis. He is confident and will certainly give his all to take the game on his side. However, he is eyeing the season-ending break to fully recover and come back even stronger in the next season.

“I feel like when I’m healthy and I can play like a hundred percent without thinking about any injury, I feel good on court, I think I’m playing well. Lately, I’ve some good results I’ve lost to Alexander but in three-set.

I think I’m playing okay just a matter of time hopefully the offseason will help me to get healthy and improve my game a little bit more. So I’m really looking forward to next season”.