Andy Murray: "Roger Federer is the best player to watch"

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Andy Murray: "Roger Federer is the best player to watch"

Andy Murray, thanks to the period away from the fields after the resounding defeat in the first round of the Roland Garros against Stan Wawrinka, often gets involved in virtual projects of this type. The Scot, historically active on social media, participated in a remote live on Twitch together with the French histrionic tennis player Gaël Monfils and the Bulgarian Grigor Dimitrov, champion at the ATP Finals in 2017, the most important year of his career, in which he also centered the semifinal at the Australian Open at the beginning of the season.

There were many jokes, but at the same time there was room for some more technical examinations regarding the main events of the men's Tour and the great protagonists who are part of it. The Scottish champion expressed his personal opinion about his most prestigious colleagues, namely the Big Three, and no longer Big Four, as they used to say before the numerous surgeries the British player underwent that undermined its continuation career at high levels.

According to the three-time slam champion, during a dissertation on the great qualities of Rafa, Nole and Roger, the Swiss champion is the most pleasant to watch without any doubt, while Nadal is in the eyes of the Scotsman the physically stronger player, capable of on the field a determination and an energy that is absolutely unique and not replicable by anyone else.

Here are the words of the Wimbledon champion

"Roger Federer is the most beautiful to watch, Novak is also pleasant, while Rafa is the one who always sends the ball back in every exchange, because he is the one who gives the most energy every time he is on the court"

Murray's words only confirm the widespread idea that it is difficult to find a better player than another, but at the same time it is easier to agree in defining Federer as the most aesthetically elegant player. As for the opinion of the former world number one on Nadal, the Mallorcan's performance at this year's ATP Finals supports his thesis even more if needed.

Given the great experience of Murray and above all the long militancy in that small and exclusive group of racket phenomena by the British, it is right to welcome this reflection with the utmost respect. Andy Murray expressed also on Roger Federer's shots SABR: "I remember a few years ago when Roger Federer responded to the second very close to the serve line and some people claimed it was a disrespectful shot," said the Briton.

“I don't think so. If you are capable of doing such a thing successfully, then there is no reason to stop you. Commentators do the same when a player chooses to serve from below. What harm is there in such a choice if the opponent positions himself two or three meters behind the back line to respond to the serve? It is a completely legitimate solution.

As we have seen, it has had some success. I always thought it was a smart play, the last one I saw was Daniil Medvedev against Alexander Zverev in the ATP Finals," siad Murray.