Andy Murray Wants ATP To Introduce Domestic Violence Policy

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Andy Murray Wants ATP To Introduce Domestic Violence Policy

Former world number one Andy Murray feels the ATP must make a move regarding the domestic violence policy. Recently the tennis world was rattled as allegations of domestic violence came up against Alexander Zverev. His ex-partner Olya Sharypova brought forth the allegations which Zverev outrightly denied.

The ATP was late in releasing a statement on the issue. Andy Murray expressed his discontent on the delay. He also pointed out the fact that tennis lacks the necessary rules and regulations regarding this specific issue. “I don’t know how long it was, but it certainly was not immediate,” Murray said.

“But I have read some stuff, and obviously tennis doesn’t have a domestic abuse policy”. Domestic violence is a serious issue and Murray wants the ATP to develop proper procedures and regulations to deal with them in a proper manner.

“That is something we as a sport should be looking into, so the ATP know what to do in that situation, rather than having to think and react to it. They can be a bit more proactive in a situation like that. They need to take it extremely seriously and see what comes of it in the coming months”.

Andy Murray sweating it out!

The three-time Grand Slam champion is spending more time in the training center. The Brit is hopeful of making an impactful return to the court as the new season opens up. Certainly, his main motive is to stay fit and offer some brilliant round of tennis.

“I started practicing two weeks ago. I’ve been doing tons of work in the gym, trying to build towards beating all of my personal bests, which has been quite exciting for me. I’m really motivated”. The two-time Wimbledon champion believes his hard work will pay off in the court.

Although he lacks his pace following the long injury, he believes the rejuvenated strength and power will give him an edge over others. “The only thing that I maybe won’t get to the same level is the speed. But I’m hoping that by improving my strength and my power that will help me get a little bit faster on the court.

There’s no reason I can’t get it back to what it was before. And that wasn’t the case probably in the last year. I feel good”.