"I Understand Daniil"- Gilles Cervara Opens Up About Partnership With Daniil Medvedev

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"I Understand Daniil"- Gilles Cervara Opens Up About Partnership With Daniil Medvedev

Daniil Medvedev has earned quite a name for himself in the tennis sector. The 24 year old Russian has been climbing the staircase of success for some time now. Apart from his intense training session and rigorous routine, his close relationship with his coach Gilles Cervara has played a significant role in his rise.

Winner of the 2019 Coach of the Year in the ATP, Gilles has been nominated once again for the 2020 session. The former French professional opened up about his relationship with Medvedev and their amazing partnership. "There are so many points to explain why our partnership is a success”, he said.

“I would say the main point is the good connection we have together. This connection is a mix between many things: I think I understand Daniil, the way he thinks, the way he works. I think our connection is a good one to make him be at his optimal level all the time.

Cervara looks back on Daniil Medvedev’s success in 2020

A coach not merely trains a sportsperson but also decides what is best for that person and what is not. Cervara understands this part and therefore has been able to extract the best out of the talented Russian.

“To find the best way he can work, the best way he can play, and to put him in the best conditions to prove his quality – I think that’s a part of my coaching, to make him succeed. I think that’s the main point, the relationship, and the work… giving him the space that he needs to work and to play at his best."

When asked about the defining moment of 2020, Cervara didn’t hesitate to state the ATP Finals victory against Dominic Thiem. "I will say maybe to finish the year like this [winning the Nitto ATP Finals]. Because when you finish with victories like this, it gives you confidence to start the new season with a lot of hope and confidence”.

“It gives us confidence in the work that we did. Even if sometimes you don’t win for a few weeks, you still have to work and still believe in the work you do. So then when you win, you realize that the work you did, even in difficult moments, means that you were going in a good direction. That’s what makes me the most pleased this year."