ATP Finals in Turin have been presented!

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ATP Finals in Turin have been presented!

The ATP Finals will be played in Italy, specifically at the Pala Alpitour in Turin, from 2021 to 2025. The official presentation of the tournament took place at the Skyscraper of Intesa Sanpaolo, and the president of the FIT Angelo Binaghi wanted to express all his happiness for the goal achieved.

Binaghi said: "The ATP Finals are the most important indoor tournament in the world. Our management team, in these long years of relaunching Italian tennis, has been accustomed to doing a bit of mountaineering. We have set ourselves ambitious goals, we have climbed ever higher peaks.

The success of the Internazionali d'Italia, which has also been recognized several times by the ATP, is our Mont Blanc, the pinnacle of our twenty-year journey. So, a little by chance, one of our peripheral executives warned us a few months earlier, we decided to participate in the race to climb Everest.

Once there, we realized that among us there was a great woman (mayor of Turin Chiara Appendino, ed.) who theorized that we should not stop at base camp, but that it was our duty to try to get to the top of the Everest. We said: let's try to start, nothing can happen, the Federation will still have more visibility.

We held a dramatic federal council, there was a few votes against, and we made it to the top of Everest. We realized that the group had grown larger, there were Japanese, Arabs, Americans. But in six months we reached the summit of Everest.

We were mountaineers by chance. Targets? The first is to organize a major edition as early as 2021. We have an extraordinary team, with the Government, the Region, the Municipality, Sport and Health with whom we have a proven understanding for the Internationals of Italy, and the sponsors.

We also want to transform the 15,000 people we expect every day from spectators to fans. The third objective is to show gratitude to the local authorities who have helped us. We want this event to have the greatest possible return for the territory in which we are going to organize it.

The fourth is to demonstrate to the Government that, of all the sporting events financed in Italy for the next few years, the ATP Finals can become the one with the greatest return in terms of direct and indirect economic impact, tax revenue, reputation and promotion.

This would mean having created a virtuous system that puts us in competition with other events, to the advantage of all of Italy."

ATP chairman Andrea Gaudenzi's words

Gaudenzi said: "I think that the passion, the enthusiasm that this team has put into this process made the difference.

Obviously there is also the credibility given by years of organizing the Internazionali d'Italia, therefore having demonstrated the ability to be able to create a high quality event. We want to have an event with great fan response.

The fact that there are growing Italian players is certainly another important factor. We are very ambitious, we have a very high standard set in London in twelve years with more than 3 million spectators. We are confident that Turin, Piedmont, Italy will do a great job.

As a former player, it was always my dream to play the tournament, but I never did. Every player's dream, apart from winning the Grand Slams, is to participate in the Finals. At least, in my small way I can participate as president.

I am even happier, as an Italian, that we play in Italy. We will show the world our country and a splendid city like Turin."