John Isner attacks the ATP

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John Isner attacks the ATP
John Isner attacks the ATP

ATP Tour has had to deal with several problems in recent months: the evolution of the Pandemic has brought several tournaments to their knees and especially for tennis players with a lower ranking it has been really hard to move forward.

Already in the past, especially in 2018, the world number one Novak Djokovic tried to make himself heard to ask for an increase in cash prizes, especially for less important tennis players from the prizes received in minor tournaments such as in the Grand Slam.

All the tournaments had numerous difficulties and the fact that several were forced to play without an audience did not make things easier: recently the organizers of the Masters 1000 in Miami decided to reduce the budget for the prize pools, a choice that sent everyone the fury of the American expert John Isner, who did not like all this and defined the ATP as a totally broken system.

The choice of the organizers depended on trying to adapt to the rules of the Pandemic and even according to a recent analysis the tennis players will suffer an 80% cut compared to the past. The former Top Ten and certainly still very influential in the Isner circuit attacked this situation through his Twitter profile.

John Isner's attack on the ATP

The strong American also explained his motives and attacked the ATP on Twitter. Here are his words: "The ATp is a broken system. Tennis players and tournament organizers should work together but I see that many tournaments have cut when instead we all know that 80% of revenue comes from TV, from sponsors, from betting and on the other, this is definitely not a partnership.

I would like a real analysis to see how much tournaments are really losing because of what is going on "Isner clearly made it clear that he disagrees with the choices and finally concluded:" Tennis is plagued by obvious conflicts between the parties and a lack of transparency." World number one Novak Djokovic created PTPA last year, an organization to safeguard tennis players and everything that was happening in this world.

John Isner

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