Benoit Paire's madness: spit and insult in Buenos Aires!

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Benoit Paire's madness: spit and insult in Buenos Aires!

Benoit Paire was the protagonist of a particularly serious scene during his match yesterday during the ATP Buenos Aires tournament, against home crowd Francisco Cerundolo, number 137 in the world. The 30-years-old from Avignon, following a call he considered incorrect by the chair umpire, reacted vehemently, first by spitting next to the referee and then cursing at him and against what he considered an injustice, using very colorful and inappropriate language, to put it mildly.

A match that the Frenchman was leading without difficulty and that he had addressed positively after winning the first set for six games to four. Then the darkness. The discussion, the controversy and the inability to put aside the outburst and react.

From that moment on, the game was played in one direction and the Argentine tennis player managed to overturn the result by exploiting the almost intangible opposition of his opponent and winning the passage of the round with a score of 6-4, 3-6, 1 –6.

However, Paire's controversy did not end even when the French tennis player won the locker room defeated. A few hours later, in fact, the transalpine published on his Twitter profile the amount of his earnings achieved in his career since he joined the men's circuit, specifying that, beyond the controversy, his results are not bad at all.

Benoit Paire's outburst continued on social media

At least a questionable release that was not appreciated by fans and that throws new fuel on the reputation of the extrovert tennis player. Many criticisms of him, many voices of condemnation both of his behavior on the field and of his externalization via social media.

Some have also pointed out that, if money is actually synonymous with quality and victory, as the French tennis player himself says, then Benoit's income will be destined to drop dramatically in the coming months. A series of gestures, those of Paire, which will not go unnoticed in the eyes of the ATP, often hard and inflexible when it comes to behavior of this kind.

Meanwhile, a very high fine is coming, then we'll see. As if this were not enough, in the last few hours, a new video has been made public. In the video in question, the French, according to a video that appeared on social media, would have spent an evening at the disco in the company of some friends and did not wear a mask, a mandatory measure in Argentina.