Leo Borg trains in Marbella with Feliciano Lopez

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Leo Borg trains in Marbella with Feliciano Lopez

The son of Swedish legend Bjorn Borg, Leo Borg trained at the tennis courts in Marbella where the ATP 250 of Marbella, the Andalucia Open, will start. The tennis player born in 2003 did some training sessions with former world number twelve Feliciano López before his debut in the qualifiers of the tournament.

A debut that did not go well for the young Swede. The draw wanted the challenger in the first qualifying round to be the more experienced Evgeny Donskoy. The difference in level between the two was evident and the score testifies to it.

The game in fact ended in just under an hour of play with the score of 6-1 6-0 in favor of the Russian tennis player, current number 128 in the world. Leo Borg's strokes are still too light to prevent a seasoned tennis player like Donskoy who also boasts of the first rounds at the Grand Slam tournaments.

The young Borg born in 2003 is still an immature tennis player, even if he boasts an excellent position in the junior rankings, where he currently occupies the 15th position. At the pro level, however, he has not yet managed to conquer any ATP points, so being without ranking he must hope to get wild cards to make his debut in tournaments of a certain level like the one in Marbella.

Also the previous week, thanks to a wild card he had made his debut in the qualifiers of the challenger of Marbella, and in this case he had to surrender to another veteran of the circuit, Daniel Taro, The Japanese gave another tennis lesson to the Swede closing the match with a 6-1 6-2.

Borg junior will still need a lot of apprenticeship and experience to be able to climb the rankings and build his game. It is difficult at the moment to even imagine a career that can be minimally compared to that of his father.

But dreaming costs nothing and he certainly does not lack the means, especially when you are a 17-year-old boy whose surname is Borg.