Will there be no crowds at the Italian Open?

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Will there be no crowds at the Italian Open?

There was a lot of confidence about the return of the crowd to the Italian Open 2021 edition, which will go live from May 9 in Rome, but the expectations have been thwarted by the decision of the Technical Scientific Committee.

TSC has in fact established as follows: "Starting from 1 June 2021, in the yellow zone the provision referred to in paragraph 1 also applies to events and competitions at a competitive level and recognized as being of pre-eminent national interest with a provision of the Italian National Olympic Committee (CONI) and the Italian Paralympic Committee (Cip), concerning individual and team sports, organized by the respective national sports federations, associated sports disciplines, sports promotion bodies or by international sports organizations."

The official decision of the CTS is expected tomorrow

The draft of the Covid decree expected in the CDM tomorrow speaks clearly and would definitively close the doors of the Foro Italico to the crowd: "When it is not possible to ensure compliance with the conditions referred to in this article, the sporting events and competitions referred to in this article comma, take place without the presence of the crowd."

Rumors spoke optimistically of a capacity not exceeding 25 percent of the maximum authorized with a maximum number of spectators of less than 1,000, but all this will be possible for outdoor sporting events only starting from 1 June, clearly a measure aimed at guaranteeing the presence of fans at the European football championships, as requested by UEFA.

The counter-moves of Angelo Binaghi's FIT and the possible granting of an ad hoc derogation for the event must now be evaluated. The news does not end there, the decree also provides for the possibility of the public for indoor sporting events, albeit for only 500 lucky ones.

The mind immediately goes to the next ATP Finals, which from this year will take place in the autumn in Turin, in the hope that the vaccines have in the meantime given the expected results and allow all the Italian fans who want to enjoy the live show of the world tennis, perhaps with Jannik Sinner at the start. We must remember that last year the Italian Open was played in autumn, without the presence of the crowd in the stands.