Nicolas Escude: FFT willing to help Benoit Paire

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Nicolas Escude: FFT willing to help Benoit Paire

French Tennis Federation technical director Nicolas Escude has said that the federation representatives have talked with Benoit Paire and the Frenchman understands the sanction. On Friday, it was announced that Paire was excluded from the French Olympic team.

Paire, a former world No. 18, represented France at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics but now he won't have a chance to play in back-to-back Olympic games. "It's a normal decision. We could not afford, as a federation, to let these things pass.

Benoît is fully aware of having gone off the road with totally inappropriate statements. He understands the sanction and accept it," Escude told L'Equipe. "We are well aware, and Benoît the first, that he is in great difficulty.

We are not here to want to hit him even more on the head, we want to help him. Whether it is mental, psychological, tennis, if Benoît needs help, we'll do whatever we can."

Paire has a made a number of controversial statements

"I have nothing to expect,” Paire recently told reporters after losing to Jordan Thompson in the Monte Carlo Masters first round.

“I just don’t care. There’s no magic. What is the pleasure playing like this? Of course, it’s great to come here, but it’s like a practice session. If you’ve experienced the tour and you see how it is now, the only thing you want is to just go away."

Paire also added: "As told you, I just don’t care. You don’t know how it is. This doesn’t bring me anything except a bit more money. But there’s no pleasure in playing. The players who are there say they enjoy playing Monte-Carlo.

I respect that a lot. But how sad is this for them? Normally this court is one of the most beautiful courts in the world. It seems like we are in a cemetery. Whether you win a point or miss, it’s the same. There’s no atmosphere. It’s the same thing."