Juan Martin del Potro sees the come back to the court

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Juan Martin del Potro sees the come back to the court
Juan Martin del Potro sees the come back to the court (Provided by Tennis World USA)

"I have tried many conservative and alternative treatments that have not given good results. With doctor Jorge Chahla we believe that the best operation is surgery. The doctor knows my desire to resume playing and to be on the pitch at the Olympics." With these words, Juan Martin del Potro had announced that he would undergo yet another surgical operation of his career on 23 March.

The Argentinian tennis player has suffered several serious injuries over the years, such as the one on his wrist, but he never gave up and has always managed to return to high levels. The objective therefore does not change: Del Potro is looking forward to competing again in the major circuit and to continue to amaze all tennis fans.

Del Potro could be back on the court soon

Good news came from Jorge Chahla, the doctor who has followed the Argentine in recent months. He said: "During my first meeting with Del Potro, I immediately realized that I was dealing with a resilient guy who tries to overcome all the difficulties that come his way.

It is difficult to become the no. 3 of the world without these features. People without a head on their shoulders and the desire to get up cannot do it. The of him is an unusual injury in the world of tennis. It is more associated with a car accident, the world of basketball, football or, even more so, rugby.

He has little to do with tennis. I have no doubt that Juan Martín will try to put it all behind him and get back on the pitch. I am very confident that he can succeed in his intent of him. Clinically speaking, he is recovering much better than any other normal patient he has ever treated.

He is training hard with the athletic trainers and alone in the gym to achieve a decent state of form. Discipline and proper nutrition are doing the rest of the work." Del Potro has only one date in his head: that of the start of the Olympics. The Tandil giant will do everything to represent his country.

Juan Martin Del Potro