Kyrgios attacks: "How do you think Djokovic won the Roland Garros?

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Kyrgios attacks: "How do you think Djokovic won the Roland Garros?

Novak Djokovic and Nick Kyrgios is a neverending story of digs (especially bu the Australian): at least that's what the Australian decided. Kyrgios started a sort of one-sided feud by often expressing unkind words towards the Serbian champion.

The whole thing lost its way with a sentence uttered by Kyrgios on the Ben Rothenberg podcast: "Djokovic wants to be loved by everyone, I can't stand it. It is as if he has an obsession with wanting to be appreciated.

He just wants to be like Roger Federer. All this celebration that he does at the end of the matches is embarrassing." During the pandemic, Kyrgios was then unleashed after the Djokovic case that broke out on the Adria Tour.

"Novak is an idiot," tweeted the tennis player born in 1995. "What I have seen is far worse than any of my irresponsible or stupid behavior."

Kyrgios returns to provoke Novak Djokovic

Djokovic, for his part, sent a single and isolated message to Kyrgios, but only to answer the question of one of the journalists present at the Australian Open: "My respect goes to him for the tennis he is playing.

I think he is a very talented guy. He has shown that he has the qualities to beat everyone. But off the pitch I don't have much respect for him." Kyrgios didn't let himself be begged too much and a few hours later he returned to the subject in the press room.

"Nole he is really very strange. I've read his statements. He said he doesn't respect me off the court. He would have made more sense if he had said that he does not respect me on the pitch, because of some things on the pitch that I have done in the past.

During the pandemic I behaved very well." After Djokovic's success at the Roland Garros, where he won his nineteenth Grand Slam at the end of two fantastic weeks, Kyrgios returned to talk about him on social networks; this time, however, he could just be a nice little curtain.

The Australian posted an old photo in the company of Djokovic on a clay court and wrote: "Yes, this photo is true. How do you think he won Roland Garros? "