Rick Macci: "Here how I endured Richard Williams for four year!"

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Rick Macci: "Here how I endured Richard Williams for four year!"

Richard Williams and Rick Macci had a decisive role in the rise and career of Serena Williams and her sister Venus Williams. Serena and Venus were raised by Macci and their father, becoming the greatest athletes of USA sports.

Film King Richard, starring Academy Awards winner Will Smith, showed how Richard made his daughters practice with different trainers for training, but basically Richard himself did what he wanted for training and physical fortification, technical and psychological of his two daughters Rick Macci trained both Serena and Venus at his academy in Florida, and despite some disagreements over training methods between him and the father of the two American stars, Macci and Richard Williams were two very good friends, as the film also points out.

As reported by Essentially Sport, Rick Macci revealed how his friendship with someone with a strong temper like Richard Williams has remained steadfast throughout the years, writing on Twitter: "Everyone asks me how I endured Richard Williams for four years.

simple answer is that the ability to keep your mouth shut is sometimes the ultimate clubhouse leader. By keeping your mouth shut, other things open up for the better!"

The Williams' sisters

In more than twenty years, the Williams sisters have won 121 singles tournaments, 4 mixed doubles tournaments and occupied a total of more than 300 weeks at number one singles and eight weeks in the doubles rankings.

After the 2002 French Open, Venus and Serena were number one and number two in the singles rankings, respectively. Both are part of the small group of tennis players who have won more titles than ever. Pairing up in women's doubles tournaments, the Williams sisters won 14 Grand Slam events and on one occasion they won 4 consecutively, but not in the same calendar year.

The results are not lacking even at the Olympics: they have won a total of four gold medals each, three of which together in the women's doubles and one each in singles. Venus is also the tennis player, including men, with the most Olympic medals won, five.