Radwanska Signs Endorsement Deal with Cheesecake Factory

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Radwanska Signs Endorsement Deal with Cheesecake Factory

After years of expressing her love for the American restaurant chain Agnieszka Radwanska becomes the Cheesecake Factory’s first sports endorsement. Radwanska will begin to wear the Cheesecake Factory’s logo on her visor at the start of the BNP Paribas Open.

Donald Evans, the company’s chief marketing officer, said, “We hope it spurs conversation about, ‘What is that restaurant doing on her visor?’. This answer is, she is one of our biggest fans.” The multi-year six-figure deal will come with its requirements as well as the free cheesecake.

Radwanska will have to wear the visor with the company logo during all matches played in the U.S. and she will have a set number of appearances to make. Her first appearance will be on July 30, which is National Cheesecake Day.

The bulk of the promotion will be through social media. The Cheesecake Factory wants Radwanska to continue her promotion through Twitter where she currently reaches 78,054 followers. “She really indirectly has been an ambassador for us for years,” Evans said.

“Now it becomes official.”
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