John McEnroe: ´Roger Federer the GOAT? Tennis isn´t the Same Without Rafael Nadal´

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John McEnroe: ´Roger Federer the GOAT? Tennis isn´t the Same Without Rafael Nadal´

The actual generation of tennis champions debates on who is the greatest player of all time. The GOAT, greatest of all time, is the one that is considered worldwide the greatest that ever appeared on court, playing the sport.

The greatest could be the most titled, the one that won the greatest number of Grand Slams, or the one who simply enchanted with the ability of producing the best and highest quality of tennis. According to may experts there is a man who manages to put all these qualities together, being Roger Federer the player who is said to play tennis at the highest level, who won the most Grand Slam titles, who spent the most weeks at World No.1.

Then there is his long-time rival Rafael Nadal, who dominated clay like no one has ever been able to do before, or Novak Djokovic, who since 2011 closed the year on top of the rankings three out of four times, looking unbeatable on faster surfaces.

Now John McEnroe decided to give his personal list of GOAT in tennis, putting more wood on the ongoing fire, feeding the debate his own way. Federer the GOAT? Yes, but tennis isn't the same without Rafael, according to Mac.

The former World No.1 spoke about the absence of Nadal on the tour and about what it means to tennis. "Nadal's withdrawal from the ATP World Tour Finals is a great loss for our sport. When it happened at the US Open it was tough news to receive for the tournament, and I felt the disappointment in first person, considering how I live in New York and work for the Slam tournament.

Personally, I believe that without Rafael Nadal, there is something missing in tennis. While waiting for an American player to perform on top and be able to win a Grand Slam tournament, it is important for us to have someone like Nadal competing in the sport.

Rafael and Roger and the most popular athletes that we have in tennis, and Rafa is a great person as well" said John. What about the others?