Andy Roddick: ´Novak Djokovic Can´t be Compared to Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal´

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Andy Roddick: ´Novak Djokovic Can´t be Compared to Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal´

It goes all down on numbers. And not just regular numbers, but Slam wins. Each win means a place in history, each title it's a lifetime achievement. To win a Grand Slam tournament means being able to compete against the very best at your best bot two entire weeks, seven matches played at the best of Five Sets.

To win a Grand Slam in tennis is the ultimate prove of talent, the ultimate achievement. To win more means being a champion, to reach double digits means being a legend. And there are currently two legends still competing full time on the ATP World Tour.

Roger Federer with his 17 Slam titles and Rafael Nadal, with his 14 Slam titles. According to another Slam champion, the 2003 US Open winner Andy Roddick, the direct competition can't afford to be compared to those pioneers.

The World No.1, thinks A-Rod, Novak Djokovic can't be put on the same level as Federer or Nadal. The 8 Slam titles conquered by the Serb are enough for Nole to find a place among the best ever seen in action in the sport, but not a nomination in a leading role.

Talking to Tennis Now, the American revealed: "McEnroe has won Seven Slams, Connors and Agassi Eight, thus Novak is still in competition with those great champions. Maybe the fans are only starting to realize it now, but to win as many Slams as Connors and Agassi is indeed a great achievement and something very hard to do" "If Djokovic can be compared to Federer and Nadal? I think he would be the first to admit that he is a little far behind Roger and Rafael still.

I mean, six Slams away form Nadal is a number that can't be underestimated and if numbers are going to stay the same it would be very hard to compare him to those two. At the same time we can already say that Djokovic is one of the greatest players of all time.

If he will achieve the Career Slam winning the French Open, that will be a certainty and much more valuable". ALSO READ WTA players awaken at 3AM by a fire alarm. Look at their faces! Here is what Federer and Nadal are going to wear for the clay season