Madison Keys: I like to bake

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Madison Keys: I like to bake

After her loss at the hands of Serena Williams, Madison Keys spoke to the media, reviewing the match and also speaking about some of her other interests. “Serena played really well and I had to play my absolute best,” said Keys. “I felt that like if I didn’t hit a winner, she would.

She also wasn’t giving away many cheap points. I had to go all out today. She put me under tremendous pressure that I was forced to overplay some shots.” “She forced me to go for winners and herself she didn’t commit many unforced errors.

She was also serving very well. I felt like I was going for it more than I normally would have and if I didn't hit a winner I wouldn't get to hit one on the next ball.”
She then spoke about the positives from the match.

“I served pretty well but I think she returned better. Overall, I was happy with everything but I don’t think there was anything great. To beat Serena in her prime, you have to do a lot of great things.” Keys was asked about her other interests besides tennis.

Keys responded by saying, “I like to go shopping, which I'm going to do later today. I also like to bake.” She also mentioned about her music preferences, saying, “I listen to a little bit of everything.

My iPod will have songs from Lil Wayne to Taylor Swift to some old country. It's kind of all over the place. I'm pretty sure I have High School Musical and stuff on my iPod, too.” ALSO READ US Open 2015: Serena Williams Sets Up Venus Showdown!