Bryan Brothers Talk About the Reasons for Their Success

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Bryan Brothers Talk About the Reasons for Their Success

Tennis - Mike Bryan, one-half of the legendary Bryan Brothers duo, says that it is not twin telepathy that has helped them achieve their success but rather the fact that they have been playing together since the age of 6.

In an interview with The Houston Chronicles, Mike Bryan says, "I don't think it's twin telepathy. I think it's just playing together – so many reps since we were 6 years old and just knowing where he's going to hit and where to anticipate and where to be.

We play that moving game very well and we don't have to really think about it. It's just good communication with signals. It all flows well. When we're playing good tennis, it's like there is a rope tied around our waists.'' Both the brothers say that the youngsters are hitting the ball harder these days and that they have to rely on their hand-eye coordination to keep winning.

Mike Bryan says, "We've noticed these kids are hitting it harder. These new kids. They just crush the ball and they swing with reckless abandon so you just keep your hands sharp. People say you look the sight and the quick hand-eye as you get older, so we're always working on that.

Keeping sharp.' Bob Bryan added, "It's a different day and age. These youngsters rip and so you need to have fast hands and stay in sync.'' The duo is currently playing in Houston this week and is through to the finals after a 6-4, 2-6, 10-6 win over Philip Oswald/ Max Mirnyi in the semi-finals on Friday.

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