Jimmy Connors Supports Global Down Syndrome Foundation

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Jimmy Connors Supports Global Down Syndrome Foundation
Jimmy Connors Supports Global Down Syndrome Foundation (Provided by Tennis World USA)

Tennis - Jimmy Connors was amongst the tennis players at the Dare to Play Tennis Camp hosted by the Global Down Syndrome Foundation in Denver. Connors said he was happy to come back to play in public for the first time in many years and provide support for the cause.

"To see just what tennis can do and the joy that it gives everybody to come out and play is spectacular. This is what you lay your whole life on the line to get a reputation to be able to come and do things like this.” "It fuels your soul, just coming out and sharing a court with them - stated Cameron Lickle, who attended the event with Connors in Denver - They have nothing but love, there’s not an evil bone in their body". Michelle Whitten, President & CEO of the foundation, commented, "It’s a great equalizer, it’s a great opportunity for kids with Down Syndrome to make friends with other kids with Down Syndrome.

To build confidence and a lifelong love of tennis and outdoors. I think it makes me work harder. Having your own child and watching her grow up, you feel a little bit more of the time pressure. We have six million people who we consider our family with Down Syndrome and we have to do right by them." Whitten says the foundation is seeing an increase in funding from the federal government for the cause and that they hope to attract more founding in times to come.

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