Bryan Brothers to Continue Being Partners Post Retirement

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Bryan Brothers to Continue Being Partners Post Retirement

Tennis - Tennis' most famous doubles team - Mike and Bob Bryan - say that they will continue to partner even after their tennis careers are over and will probably create a business together and play exhibition doubles events post their retirement in an interview with L'Equipe.

The 40-year-old twin brothers have dominated the men's doubles game for years now and are still motivated to continue playing. In the interview, Bob Bryan comments, "Tennis is hard, you lose every week unless you are the best player in the world.

For this reason, it is very nice to have your best friend at your side. We would have stopped the competition for a long time if there was not this link between us. On the court, we know each other by heart. Our movements are in harmony with each other.

We can anticipate the movements of the other so that the other can reposition itself very quickly and that is our strength. Even if there is still room for surprise between us, even small communication loupes (he laughs). In the locker room, many players have no idea who is who.

When we played singles in the University Championship, it was worse. It was always: "One of the Bryan brothers won, which one does not matter" It was the package! We have had misunderstandings, funny stories of referees who did not know who to punish or adversaries confusing us."

In the same interview, Bob Bryan talks about playing each other in singles. "At the age of 17, during a major game of the Under-18 Championship, the American Federation told us we could not give up. There was public, sponsors, etc.

We talked together, we discussed it and we decided that we were mature enough to fight each other. We knew our level was similar. I won in two sets with a tie-break. In total, we had to face each other ten times, with equal wins and losses.

In fact, we have always seen each other as a team. We win together. We lose together. And when things go well on the court and you win with your brother, there is nothing sweeter in your heart. But our being twins also played against us sometimes because we did not want to say things that could hurt the other. But when it's bad in a game, you have to know how to talk."