Noah Rubin: Alcohol and substance abuse in tennis is a thing

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Noah Rubin: Alcohol and substance abuse in tennis is a thing

American tennis player Noah Rubin, 23, insists the life on tour for many players isn't as flashy and glamorous as many fans think as he claims an "alcohol and substance abuse in tennis is a thing." Rubin, ranked at No.

195 in the world, has spent the majority of his career on the Challenger Tour as his transition from the junior tennis to professional tennis after winning the 2014 Wimbledon boys' singles title didn't go as smooth as many thought it would.

Former world No. 125 Rubin, who strongly believes that tennis needs to make some changes, specifically mentioned in an interview with The Telegraph the ATP needs a better structure, a shorter season and a better prize money.

"It all adds up, the loneliness, the failure - you feel like a failure constantly. There are some real problems on tour, a lot of people take time off. Depression is prevalent, there's lots of alcohol and substance abuse because that’s just how people deal with tennis," Rubin told The Telegraph.

"It’s not yet in the public domain. I don’t know if people realise alcohol abuse in tennis is a thing. “I know a lot of players who to cope and to get ready for the next week spend 12 hours drinking. I don’t drink myself, I never have”.