Reilly Opelka Says Upcoming ATP Cup is Pathetic

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Reilly Opelka Says Upcoming ATP Cup is Pathetic

Tennis - American No. 3 Reilly Opelka says the upcoming ATP Cup in Australia is 'pathetic' - adding that he is shocked that the ATP Tour has allowed such an event to come through. Speaking in Madrid after the Davis Cup, Opelka says, "Well, the ATP Cup is pathetic.

I think it's shocking on behalf of the ATP for them to pass that and allow that. It's pretty embarrassing, actually. It's pretty bad for the sport. It makes it more top-heavy than it already is." The ATP Cup allows only the top two players from each country to participate which means that Opelka, who is the No.

3 ranked American currently, will not be able to compete in the tournament. "For example, I'm [36] in the world. I'm not going to play because I'm the second or third-highest ranked American, and only the top two guys play.

It's unfair, there's not equal opportunity for everyone. For example, Moldova qualified. I mean, their No.1 player is ranked pretty far behind me and their No.2 player I don't think he's ranked. So that's going to make for a 0-0 match that's going to be 30 minutes maybe.

That's not good for the sport." Opelka went 0-2 for singles in the Davis Cup this week, losing matches against Canada and Italy. John Isner and Taylor Fritz are the top two ranked Americans who are likely to play in the ATP Cup for the United States. The ATP Cup, which is jointly funded by Tennis Australia, will see 24 countries compete for the title.