Taylor Fritz decides to invest in esports

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Taylor Fritz decides to invest in esports

Taylor Fritz has many other interests besides tennis. The American has never hidden his passion for esports and decided to invest into ReKTGlobal, a global esports business that also owns two esports organizations spanning multiple games.

“I think the dynamic is great with the company not being a specific team organization, actually a parent company that owns and oversees a lot of different things,” Fritz said. “I like that dynamic as far as investment goes, that it is more than just a team.

I think it is important to make good investments and set yourself up after your career is over. When I saw some of the money that athletes had been making through investments and through ventures into other companies, I saw the success athletes were having and I said I should do that too.

This is my only real fun investment I have done”. “With the COD league coming up, I think it is going to be absolutely massive and owning the London World Ravens is a massive opportunity for that franchise to grow a lot,” Fritz added.

“If you look at the value of franchises of the Overwatch league in the last three years, I think the same thing is going to happen in Call of Duty. Them owning that team got me into it and the timing and everything worked out.

It is something I can do that keeps me relaxed. I am not going to be out walking around sightseeing (at tournaments). I really don’t want to walk around and be on my legs all day. It is something I can do if I’m not tired enough to take a nap.

If I’m awake and if I’m in that mood to play, it is a good thing to keep me entertained and have fun when I need to relax”.