Corey Gauff: Coco Wants to be the G.O.A.T.

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Corey Gauff: Coco Wants to be the G.O.A.T.

Corey Gauff, the father of 15-year-old American teen phenom Coco Gauff, says his daughter wants to be the G.O.A. T. The Gauffs are in Auckland, New Zealand where 15-year-old Coco will compete in the ASB Classic. While Coco herself has stayed away from the media, her father did manage to speak to 1News.

Corey says, "When she was a little girl she would hear me talk about the greatest of all time. Referring to basketball, I'd talk about Michael Jordan quite a bit, Kobe Bryant. She was like 'Dad, what's the GOAT?' I said 'it means the Greatest of All Time.'

She goes 'well, I want to be a GOAT.' " Father Corey says his daughter always liked to compete. "We knew that she liked to compete. That's the start of it, she doesn't mind the competition. She started to ascend a little bit, got used to the speed of the game and I think that maybe we thought she could pull off a few upsets here and there.

We hope that she can still do that." Like any parents, the Gauffs were wildly excited about their daughter's run at Wimbledon, during which they were seen cheering from the stands. "My wife ran track so when you're running track you're cheering - loudly - so they can hear you.

Tennis is not maybe that [kind of] sport but hopefully, we bring that to it. Because there's nothing wrong with cheering for the person you want to win." Gauff is currently ranked No. 68 in the world and is the youngest player in the WTA Top 100 currently.