Sloane Stephens: I Do Not Believe in Dieting

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Sloane Stephens: I Do Not Believe in Dieting

Former US Open champion Sloane Stephens says she does not believe in dieting and likes to eat more of what makes her energized, while speaking to People magazine on her food habits. The 26 year old Stephens, who won the US Open in 2017, commented, “I think as I’ve gotten older, I’ve been more aware of how specific foods make me feel, so I try to listen to my body.

I eat more of what makes me energized and less of what makes me lethargic. If I tell myself I can’t have something, I want it more. So I’m more about being very aware of what I’m eating and just nothing in excess”.

She says her philosophy lets her indulge in her favourite foods including Korean barbeque, sushi and Indian food as well as her own baked goods. She says, "Not to brag, but my pies at Thanksgiving are always a hit."

In the magazine, Stephens also outlines her diet - Breakfast - 1 cup of Greek yogurt with ¼ cup of granola; Bowl of fresh fruit Snack - Quantum Energy Square in coconut almond chip (Stephens is a spokesperson) Lunch - Mixed-green salad with grilled chicken and 1 avocado Post-Workout Snack - 12 oz.

of chocolate milk Dinner - 6 oz. teriyaki salmon; ¾ cup of white rice; 1½ cups of broccoli Hydration - 50 to 60 oz. of water