Bryan Brothers: We Never Thought of Splitting Up


Bryan Brothers: We Never Thought of Splitting Up
Bryan Brothers: We Never Thought of Splitting Up

The Bryan Brothers are the most successful doubles team in the history of tennis, and before they hang up their rackets at the US Open in New York later this year, the brothers want to win a few more titles to cap their glorious careers, in an interview to the Lo Angeles Times.

The Bryans are playing in Indian Wells, which they won in 2013 and 2014, this week. “Hard not to like it. It’s one of the toughest doubles tournaments. We got to the final (inn 2003) and we were matched against Yevgeny Kafelnikov [of Russia] and Wayne Ferreira [of South Africa].

The day before the match, they came to us and said they were tired, had been on the road a long time and wanted to go home. Could we split the money and they would hand us the title? We talked to our dad. We were 25 years old then and we came to the conclusion that we will win and wanted to do it on the court.

So, we said no. We would play for it. We did. And we lost”. Their decision to retire although they are still amongst the best teams in the world is related to the wear and tear of their bodies. Bob Bryan underwent a hip surgery in 2018.

The brothers are currently ranked tied 27th in the ATP doubles rankings. Bob Bryan adds that they never considered breaking up during their careers - and Mike only played with Jack Sock due to Bob's injury. “We never considered breaking up."

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